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Plant Biotech Denmark closes down

The Plant Biotech Denmark steering committee has decided to close down the network due to the economic developments of the partners. The partners in the network are the Danish universities engaged with plant science ie Aarhus University, University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark and Aalborg University. All partners are represented in the steering committee.

For many years the most important activity for the PBD network has been the Annual Meeting with more than 250 participants attending in which many of you have attended. The steering committee appreciates the interest that you have taken in the network. It is the hope of the steering committee that networks and collaborations will continue in other existing fora.

The joint membership of EPSO (European Plant Science Organisation) will terminate with the closure of PBD. If you would like to continue as EPSO member you will have to sign up as individual member.

Kind regards
The PBD steering committee

Henrik Brinch-Pedersen, Aarhus University
Svend Christensen, University of Copenhagen
Kåre Lehmann Nielsen, Aalborg University
Birte Svensson, Technical University of Denmark
Søren K. Rasmussen, University of Copenhagen
Solveig Krogh Christiansen, Plant Biotech Denmark

January 2019

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