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What is nutrient use efficiency and can it be manipulated?
by Malcolm Hawkesford, Professor, Plant Science, Rothamsted Research, UK

  • Can less yield more? Is reducing nutrient input into the environment compatible with maintaining crop production?  Allen G. Good, Ashok K. Shrawat and Douglas G. Muench. Trends in Plant Science (2004) Vol.9, No.12 pp 597-605
  • Identifying traits to improve the nitrogen economy of wheat: Recent advances and future prospects. M.J. Foulkes, M.J. Hawkesford, P.B. Barraclough, M.J. Holdsworth, S. Kerr, S. Kightley  and P.R. Shewry. Field Crops Research (2009) 114 pp 329342
  • Nitrogen efficiency of wheat: Genotypic and environmental variation and prospects for improvement. Peter B. Barraclough, Jonathan R. Howarth, Janina Jones, Rafael Lopez-Bellido,  Saroj Parmar, Caroline E. Shepherd, Malcolm J. Hawkesford. European Journal of  Agronomy (2010) 33 pp 111 

Iron transport in plants: from soil to seed
by Cathy Curie, Research Director, Biochemistry and Plant Molecular Physiology, INRA, France

  • A loss-of-function mutation in AtYSL1 reveals its role in iron and nicotianamine seed loading. Marie Le Jean, Adam Schikora, Stéphane Mari, Jean-François Briat and Catherine Curie.  The Plant Journal (2005), 44, pp 769782
  • IRON TRANSPORT AND SIGNALING IN PLANTS. Catherine Curie and Jean-François Briat. Annual Review of Plant Biology (2003), 54, pp  183206
  • Identification of the Endodermal Vacuole as the Iron Storage Compartment in the Arabidopsis Embryo. Hannetz Roschzttardtz, Geneviève Conéjéro, Catherine Curie, and Stéphane Mari. Plant Physiology (2009), Vol. 151, pp 13291338

Nitrogen sensing and the adaptive responses to nitrogen limitation
by Alain Gojon, Research Director, Biochemistry and Plant Molecular Physiology, INRA, France

  • Root uptake regulation: a central process for NPS homeostasis in plants. Alain Gojon, Philippe Nacry and Jean-Claude Davidian. Current Opinion in Plant Biology  (2009), 12, pp 328338
  • CHL1 Functions as a Nitrate Sensor in Plants. Cheng-Hsun Ho, Shan-Hua Lin, Heng-Cheng Hu and Yi-Fang Tsay. Cell (2009), 138, pp  11841194
  • Nitrate-Regulated Auxin Transport by NRT1.1 Defines a Mechanism for Nutrient Sensing in plants. Gabriel Krouk, Benoît Lacombe, Agnieszka Bielach, Francine Perrine-Walker, Katerina  Malinska, Emmanuelle Mounier, Klara Hoyerova, Pascal Tillard, Sarah Leon, Karin Ljung,  Eva Zazimalova, Eva Benkova, Philippe Nacry and Alain Gojon. Developmental Cell (2010), 18, pp 927937

Nutrient-responsive microRNAs
by Wolf-Rüdiger Scheible, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology, Germany

  • PHO2, MicroRNA399, and PHR1 Define a Phosphate-Signaling Pathway in Plants. Rajendra Bari, Bikram Datt Pant , Mark Stitt, and Wolf-Rüdiger Scheible, Plant Physiology (2006), Vol. 141, pp. 988999
  • Identification of Nutrient-Responsive Arabidopsis and Rapeseed MicroRNAs by Comprehensive Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Profiling and Small RNA Sequencing. Bikram Datt Pant, Magdalena Musialak-Lange, Przemyslaw Nuc, Patrick May, Anja  Buhtz, Julia Kehr, Dirk Walther, and Wolf-Rüdiger Scheible, Plant Physiology (2009), Vol.  150, pp. 15411555

Predicting crop phosphorus requirements and developing new diagnostic tools
by John Hammond, Senior Research Fellow, Warwick HRI, University of Warwick, UK

  • The Ecophysiology of plant-phosphorus interactions. Springer Science+Business Media B.V. (2008), preface and chapter 10 pp 225-246
  • Changes in Gene Expression in Arabidopsis Shoots during Phosphate Starvation and the Potential for Developing Smart Plants. John P. Hammond, Malcolm J. Bennett, Helen C. Bowen, Martin R. Broadley, Dan  C. Eastwood, Sean T. May, Clive Rahn, Ranjan Swarup, Kathryn E. Woolaway, and  Philip J. White. Plant Physiology (2003), Vol. 132, pp. 578596
  • Shoot yield drives phosphorus use efficiency in Brassica oleracea and correlates with root architecture traits. John P. Hammond, Martin R. Broadley, Philip J. White, Graham J. King, Helen C.  Bowen, Rory Hayden, Mark C. Meacham, Andrew Mead, Tracey Overs, William P.  Spracklen and Duncan J. Greenwood.  Journal of Experimental Botany, (2009), Vol. 60,  No. 7, pp. 19531968

The role of leaf senescence for nutrient use efficiency
by Per Gregersen, Senior Scientist, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Århus University

  • Transcriptome analysis of senescence in the flag leaf of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Per L. Gregersen and Preben Bach Holm. Plant Biotechnology Journal (2007), 5, pp  192206
  • Leaf senescence and nutrient remobilisation in barley and wheat. P. L. Gregersen, P. B. Holm & K. Krupinska. Plant Biology 10 (Suppl. 1) (2008), pp 3749

Novel tools for analysing micronutrient use efficiency in plants
by Jan K. Schjørring, Professor, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen

  • Micro-scaled high-throughput digestion of plant tissue samples for multi-elemental analysis. Thomas H Hansen, Kristian H Laursen, Daniel P Persson, Pai Pedas, Søren Husted and  Jan K Schjoerring. Plant Methods pp 1-11
  • Manganese Deficiency Leads to Genotype-Specific Changes in Fluorescence Induction Kinetics and State Transitions. Søren Husted, Kristian H. Laursen, Christopher A. Hebbern, Sidsel B. Schmidt, Pai  Pedas, Anna Haldrup, and Poul E. Jensen. Plant Physiology (2009), Vol. 150, pp 825 833
  • Simultaneous iron, zinc, sulfur and phosphorus speciation analysis of barley grain tissues using SEC-ICP-MS and IP-ICP-MS. Daniel P. Persson, Thomas H. Hansen, Kristian H. Laursen, Jan K. Schjoerring and  Søren Husted. Metallomics (2009), 1, pp 418426

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