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The Plant as Bioreactor

The symposium was held November 24, 2008 at Aarhus University.

The symposium was also provided as a PhD course "Trends in Plant Biotechnology" (2 ETCs). Please view literature list for the course.


10:15-10:30 Coffee - Welcome & introduction, by Jens Stougaard, Professor, University of Århus

10:30-11:10 Metabolic engineering of terpenes in plants, Maarten Jongsma, Associate Professor,   Laboratory of Plant Physiology, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

11:10-11:50 Expression of Superbug killers in Chloroplasts, Melanie Oey, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology, Germany

11:50-12.20 Arabidopsis thaliana, a human protein production platform, Erik Østergaard Jensen, Head of Department, University of Århus

12.20-13.00 LUNCH

13.00-13.40 Apolipoprotein and insulin production in plants, Maurice Molony, CSO, SemBioSys, Calgary, Canada

13.40-14.20  Production of antibodies in seed, Elsa Arcalis, Post-Doc, Institue of Applied Genetics and Cell Biology, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna

14.20-15.00 Using starch binding domain technology to modify starch granule morphology and starch composition in potato, by Professor Richard Visser, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

15.00 Coffee

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