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Literature for the PBD/FOBI PhD course "Trends in Biotechnology" symposium
"The Danish Food and Feed Chain" on October 10, 2007 at University of Århus.

Fusarium and mycotoxin contamination by David B. Collinge, Professor, LIFE;KU

  • Goswami RS and Kistler HC (2004) Heading for disaster: Fusarium graminearum on cereal crops. Molecular Plant Pathology 5: 515-525
  • Magan N (2006) Mycotoxin contamination of food in Europe: Early detection and prevention strategies. Mycopathologia 162: 245-253

Plant Secondary Metabolites How to find the right ones,by Henrik Toft Simonsen, Post Doc, LIFE-KU

  • Neil R. Williamson, Henrik T. Simonsen, Raef A. A. Ahmed, Gabrielle Goldet, Holly Slater, Louise Woodley, Finian J. Leeper and George P. C. Salmond (2005). Biosynthesis of the red antibiotic, prodigiosin, in Serratia : identification of a novel 2-methyl-3-n-amylpyrrole (MAP) assembly pathway, definition of the terminal condensing enzyme, and implications for undecylprodigiosin biosynthesis in Streptomyces Molecular Microbiology 
  • Kanchan Taori, Susan Matthew, James R. Rocca, Valerie J. Paul, and Hendrik Luesch (2004) Lyngbyastatins 57, Potent Elastase Inhibitors from Floridian Marine Cyanobacteria, Lyngbya spp. J. Nat. Prod. 
  • Gordon M. Cragg (1998):A Success Story With Valuable Lessons for Natural Product Drug Discovery and Development. Med Res Rev, 18, No. 5, 315331, 1998

Proteome analysis by Christine Finnie, Associate Professor, BioCentrum, DTU

  • Salekdeh GH and Komatsu S. Crop proteomics: Aim at sustainable agriculture of tomorrow. Proteomics (2007) 7: 2976 - 2996.
  • Finnie C, Bak-Jensen KS, Laugesen S, Roepstorff P, Svensson B. Differential appearance of isoforms and cultivar variation in protein temporal profiles revealed in the maturing barley grain proteome. Plant Science (2006) 170: 808-821
  • Finnie C, Maeda K, Østergaard O, Bak-Jensen KS, Larsen J and Svensson B. Aspects of the barley seed proteome during development and germination. Biochem. Soc. Trans (2004) 32: 517-519.

Phosphate and minerals in crop plants-getting handles for better bioavailability, by Henrik Brinch Pedersen

  • Giuseppe Dionisio, Preben B. Holm and Henrik Brinch-Pedersen*(2007) Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) multiple inositol polyphosphate phosphatases (MINPPs) are phytases expressed during grain filling and germination Plant Biotechnology Journal 5, pp. 325338
  • HENRIK BRINCH-PEDERSEN,*,† FRANK HATZACK,‡ EVA STO¬ GER,§ ELSA ARCALIS KATRINE PONTOPIDAN,‡ AND PREBEN B. HOLM (2006 ) Heat-Stable Phytases in Transgenic Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.): Deposition Pattern, Thermostability, and Phytate Hydrolysis J. Agric. Food Chem. 2006, 54, 4624-4632
  • Henrik Brinch-Pedersen, Søren Borg, Birgitte Tauris, Preben B. Holm (2007) Molecular genetic approaches to increasing mineral availability and vitamin content of cereals. Journal of Cereal Science

Cereal polysaccharides and the gut environment of pigs, by Knud Erik Back Knudsen

  • Knud Erik Bach Knudsen, Helle Nygaard Lærke, Sanna Steenfeldt, Mette Skou Hedemann, Henry Jørgensen (2006) In vivo methods to study the digestion of starch in pigs and poultry. Animal Feed Science and Technology 130, 114135
  • Knud E. Bach Knudsen (2001) The nutritional significance of "dietary fibre" analysis. Animal Feed Science and Technology 90, 3-20

Ruminant nutrition nutrient requirements and availability, by Martin Riis Weisbjerg, Senior Scientist, DJF, AU

  • PETER LUND, MARTIN RIIS WEISBJERG, TORBEN HVELPLUND & KNUD ERIK BACH KNUDSEN (2007) Determination of digestibility of different forages in dairy cows using indigestible NDF as marker. Acta Agriculturae Scand Section A, 2007; 57: 16_29
  • C. Jensen, M.R. Weisbjerg ∗, T. Hvelplund (2006) Evaluation of methods for estimating the amino acid supply to the duodenum of microbial, endogenous and undegraded feed protein on maize silage diets fed to dairy cows. Animal Feed Science and Technology 131 (2006) 1-24

Cell Walls, Fibres and Pectins, by Bent Larsen Petersen, Senior Scientist, DJF, AU

  • Henrik Vibe Scheller, Jacob Krüger Jensen, Susanne Oxenbøll Sørensen, Jesper Harholt and Naomi Geshi (2007) Biosynthesis of pectin Physiologia Plantarum 129: 283295
  • Jack Egelund, Bent Larsen Petersen, Mohammed Saddik Motawia, Iben Damager, Ahmed Faik,,1Carl Erik Olsen, Tadashi Ishii, Henrik Clausen, Peter Ulvskov and Naomi Geshi,(2006) Arabidopsis thaliana RGXT1 and RGXT2 Encode Golgi-Localized (1,3)-a-D-Xylosyltransferases Involved in the Synthesis of Pectic Rhamnogalacturonan- II. The Plant Cell, Vol. 18, 25932607.
  • Jack Egelund, Nicolai Obel, Peter Ulvskov, Naomi Geshi, Markus Pauly, Antony  Bacic, Bent Larsen Petersen (2007). Molecular characterization of two Arabidopsis thaliana glycosyltransferase mutants, rra1 and rra2, which have a reduced residual arabinose content in a polymer tightly associated with the cellulosic wall residue. Plant Mol Biol

Human nutrition and antioxidants, by Charlotte Lauridsen 

  • Charlotte Lauridsen,*2 Harold Engel,† Søren K. Jensen,* A. Morrie Craig, and Maret G. Traber* (2002) Lactating Sows and Suckling Piglets Preferentially Incorporate RRR- over All-rac-_-Tocopherol into Milk, Plasma and Tissues. J. Nutr. 132: 12581264, 2002.
  • PER T. SANGILD (2006) Responses to Enteral Nutrition in Preterm Infants and Animals . Exp Biol Med 231:1695171 
  • Per T. Sangild and Axel Korneup Hansen (2006) Animal models in human nutrition research, (2006) Scand. J. Food Nutr., vol 50 , suppl. 1, 2006, pg 20-22

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