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Literature for Non-Food Application Symposium, September 19, 2006

  • Suggested by Markus Pauly (Plant Cell walls: From structures to products) 
  • Wolf-Rüdiger Scheible and Markus Pauly, Glycosyltransferases and cell wall biosynthesis: novel players and insights, Current Opinion in Plant Biology 2004, 7:285295
  • Georg J Seifert, Nucleotide sugar interconversions and cell wall biosynthesis: how to bring the inside to the outside, Current Opinion in Plant Biology 2004, 7:277284
  • Stephan Herrera, Bonkers about biofuels, VOLUME 24 NUMBER 7 JULY 2006 NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY

Suggested by Julian Ma (Genes, greens and global vaccines)

  • Julian K-C. Ma, Rachel Chikwamba, Penny Sparrow, Rainer Fischer, Richard Mahoney and Richard M. Twyman (2005) Plant-derived pharmaceuticals the road forward; TRENDS in Plant Science,  Vol.xx No.xx

Suggested by Brian Larkins (Dissecting the molecular basis of Quality Protein Maize)

  • Brenda G. Hunter, Mary K. Beatty, George W. Singletary, Bruce R. Hamaker, Brian P. Dilkes, Brian A. Larkins and Rudolf Jung (2002) Maize opaque endosperm mutations create extensive changes in patterns of gene expression.  Plant Cell 14, 2591-2612.  
  • Bryan C. Gibbon, Xuelu Wang and Brian A. Larkins (2003) Altered starch structure is associated with endosperm modification in Quality Protein Maize.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 100, 15329-15334. 
  • Bryan C. Gibbon and Brian A. Larkins (2005) Molecular Genetic Approaches to Developing Quality Protein Maize.  Trends in Genetics 21, 227-233.

Suggested by Ian Graham (Oilseed crops as a sustainable source of industrial feedstocks: Opportunities and obstacles on the road to making this dream a reality)

  • Thelen JJ, Ohlrogge JB. Metabolic engineering of fatty acid biosynthesis in plants. Metab Eng. (2002).4:12-21. Review. 
  • Kinney AJ. Metabolic engineering in plants for human health and nutrition. Curr Opin Biotechnol. (2006) Feb 27; 17:130-8. Review 
  • Wu G, Truksa M, Datla N, Vrinten P, Bauer J, Zank T, Cirpus P, Heinz E, Qiu Stepwise engineering to produce high yields of very long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in plants. Nat Biotechnol. (2005) 8:1013-7
  • Singh SP, Zhou XR, Liu Q, Stymne S, Green AG. Metabolic engineering of new fatty acids in plants. Curr Opin Plant Biol. (2005) 8:197-203. Review.

Suggested by Karen Bohmert (Biosynthesis of PHB in plants) 

  • Poirier, Y., Dennis, D.E., Klomparens, K., Somerville, C., 1992. Polyhydroxybutyrate, a Biodegradable Thermoplastic, Produced in Transgenic Plants. Science 256, 520-523.
  • Reviews:
    Rezzonico, E., Moire, L., Poirier, Y., 2002. Polymers of 3-hydroxyacids in plants. Phytochemistry Reviews 1, 87-92.
  • Snell, K.D., Peoples, O.P., 2002. Polyhydroxyalkanoate polymers and their production in transgenic plants. Metabolic Engeneering 4, 29-40.

Suggested by Steven Ball 

  • Ball, S. G., and M. K. Morell. 2003. Starch biosynthesis. Ann. Rev. Plant Biol. 54:207-233
  • Bhattacharya, D., H. S. Yoon, and J. D. Hackett. 2004. Photosynthetic eukaryotes unite: endosymbiosis connects the dots. Bioessays. 2004 Jan;26(1):50-60.
  • Wattebled F, Dong Y, Dumez S, Delvalle D, Planchot V, Berbezy P, Vyas D, Colonna P, Chatterjee M, Ball S, D'Hulst C (2005) Mutants of Arabidopsis Lacking a Chloroplastic Isoamylase Accumulate Phytoglycogen and an Abnormal Form of Amylopectin. Plant Physiol. 138, 184-195

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