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Research Areas for Abstract submission

The PBD steering committee has revised the research areas for the abstract submission for the PBD meeting. The former six research areas are now merged to three research areas, to make it easier to select speakers among the submitted abstracts. Deadline for registration with abstract submission was Friday, 16 December 2016.

The PBD steering committee invites all participants to submit abstracts. There is no prioritization of young researchers (PhD students and postdocs) this year anymore.

All abstracts will be considdered for oral presentations.

For each abstract one of the three categories described below must be selected:

  • Plants for Food, Feed and Chemicals: Qualities, starches, fibres, pharmaceuticals, specialized metabolites, biopesticides, proteins and enzymes, oil, phytochemicals, natural colors, bioplastics, food and feed, fatty acids, fibres, vitamins, minerals, proteins, biofortification, flour, malt, allergens, anti-nutritional factors, synthetic biology
  • Signalling, Cellular Trafficking and Systems Biology: Metabolic engineering, omics technologies, bioinformatics, meta genomics, epigenetics, Cell-cell signalling, bioimaging, biomembranes, signal transduction, organism wide and community wide signalling, membrane trafficking, cellular trafficking, plant microbe interaction
  • Plant Breeding and Productivity: Micro and macro nutrients, uptake, resource use efficiency, bioenergy, carbohydrates, biorefinery, biomass production and processing, yield, breeding techniques, adaptation of crops to climatic change, pathology

Selection for 20 minute oral presentation

Within each category two abstracts will be selected for oral presentation. You will be informed in due time if your abstract has been selected for a 20 minute oral presentation. Authors of the remaining abstracts are expected to present their results on posters.

Selection for 3 minute elevator presentation

The PBD steering committee will select abstracts for "elevator talks" of 2-3 minutes as appetizers for the poster session. 


All participants with submitted abstracts are required to bring a poster to the PBD meeting. The poster boards are 92 cm wide and 182 cm tall (vertical A0).

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