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Annual PBD meeting 2012

The Annual Plant Biotech Denmark Meeting was held February 2-3, 2012 at University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Sciences, Lecture Hall 3-01, Thorvaldsensvej 40, Frederiksberg.


THURSDAY - February 2, 2012

09.00 - 09.30 Registration, coffee and croissant

09.30 - 09.35 Welcome, by Preben Bach Holm, Head of steering committee, Plant Biotech Denmark

Session 1: Products/Signaling
(Chair: Jens Stougaard)

09.35 - 10.20 Keynote talk
The Arabidopsis Somatic Embryogenesis Receptor-like Kinases; why do we need them in signaling?, by Sacco de Vries, Professor, Laboratory of Biochemistry, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

10.20 - 10.40 Elucidation of a Secondary Metabolite Transport Pathway, by Tonni Grube Andersen, PhD Student, VKR Research Centre for Proactive Plants, Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, University of Copenhagen

10.40 - 11.00 Remodeling membranes and regulating lipid pumps – understanding the molecular mechanisms of vesicle biogenesis, by Merethe Mørch Frøsig, PhD Student, Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, University of Copenhagen

11.00 - 11.20 Coffee and fruit

Session 2: Nutrition/Diseases
(Chair: Jan K. Schjørring)

11.20 - 12.05 Keynote talk
Plant Ionomics, by David E. Salt, Professor and 6th Century Chair, School of Biological Sciences, University of Aberdeen, UK

12.05 - 12.25 Understanding manganese deficiency in barley, by Pai Pedas, Postdoc, Department of Agriculture and Ecology, University of Copenhagen

12.25 - 12.45 mRNA decay in kinase-mediated responses to pathogens, by Milena Roux, Postdoc, The Plant Molecular Biology Group, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen

12.45 - 13.30 Lunch

Session 3: Breeding - quality and productivity/Synthetic - and systems biology
(Chair: Torben Asp)

13.30 - 14.15 Keynote talk
Towards a Reference Sequence of the Bread Wheat Genome, by Mario Caccamo, Head of Department, Bioinformatics, The Genome Analysis Centre, BBSRC, UK

14.15 - 14.35 Implications of high-temperature events and water deficits on protein profiles in wheat (Triticum aestivum L. cv. Vinjett) grain, by Susanne Jacobsen, Associate Professor, Enzyme and Protein Chemistry, Department of Systems Biology, Technical University of Denmark

14.35 - 14.55 Establishment of retrotransposon-mutagenized population of model legume Lotus japonicus and high throughput, deep sequencing-based insertion site identification, by Dorian Urbański, Research Assistant, Centre for Carbohydrate Recognition and Signalling, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University

14.55 - 15.25 Coffee, cake and fruit

Session 4: Technologies and model plants
(Chair: Andreas Blennow)

15.25 - 15.55 Why using Brachypodium distachyon as a model?, by Dr Richard Sibout, Group Leader, INRA-Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin, Versailles, France

15.55 - 16.15 Desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry imaging of cyanogenic glucosides distribution in plant tissue, by Nanna Bjarnholt, Postdoc, Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, KU LIFE.

Session 5: Larger Strategic Initiatives in 2011-2012
(Chair: Preben Bach Holm)

16.15 - 16.30 Recent strategic initiatives at Aarhus University and ERC grant (European Research Council grant), by Jens Stougaard, Professor, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University

16.30 - 16.40 Recent strategic initiatives at University of Copenhagen (Copenhagen Plant Science Center), by Poul Erik Jensen, Professor, Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, University of Copenhagen

16.40 - 16.50 Center for Dynamic Molecular Interactions, DynaMo - a Center of Excellence funded by the Danish National Research Foundation, by Barbara Ann Halkier, Professor, Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, University of Copenhagen

16.50 - 17.00 PUMPKIN (Center for membrane pumps in cells and disease), Continuation of existing Danish National Research Foundation research center, by Thomas Günther-Pomorski, Associate Professor, Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, University of Copenhagen

17.00 - 17.10 Center for Biosustainability - The Novo Nordic Foundation Center, by Morten Nørholm, Senior Scientist/Project leader, DTU Biosustain, Technical University of Denmark, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability

Poster session in the Marble Hall - Wine and snacks are served

19.00 Dinner at Gumle, Thorvaldsensvej 40

FRIDAY- February 3, 2012

Session 6 - Overview seminar

09.00 - 09.45 Agriculture and the food versus fuel dilemma-critical issues and technologies, by Richard Dixon, Professor, Plant Biology Division, Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA

09.45 - 10.15 Coffee

Session 7: Phytochemicals for health
(Chair: Barbara A. Halkier)

10.15 - 10.55 Challenges in assessing health benefits of phytochemicals: the story of 'super-broccoli', by Maria Traka, Senior Scientist, Natural Products and Health Programme, Institute of Food Research, UK

10.55 - 11.35 RNAseq of medicinal plants – elucidation of natural product pathways, by Toni Kuthcan, Professor, Donald Danforth Plant Science Centre, USA.

11.35 - 12.00 Use of Chemoinformatics for the Elucidation of Phytochemicals’ Role in Health and Disease, by Irene Kouskoumvekaki, Associate Professor, Department of Systems Biology, Technical University of Denmark

12.00 - 12.20 Yeast artificial chromosomes for discovery and production of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, by Jørgen Hansen, Director of Research, Evolva Biotech A/S, Denmark

12.20 - 13.05 Lunch

Session 8: Food security and climate change
(Chair: John R. Porter)

13.05 - 13.35 Food security in the context of climate change: targets for the next decade, by Bruce Campbell, Program Director, Climate change Agriculture and Food Security, Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), University of Copenhagen

13.35 - 13.55 Sustainable Agriculture: Producing More, Conserving More and Improving Lives, by Lars Ipsen, Sales Manager Seed and Traits in Nordic and Baltic countries, Monsanto

13.55 - 14.15 Our commitment to sustainable agriculture, by Niels Bjerre, Crop Manager Cereals, Nordic, Bayer CropScience

14.15 - 14.45 Joining Forces in Europe: The Joint Programming Initiative: Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI), by Heather McKhann, European officer, FACCE - JPI Secretariat, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, France

14.45 - 15.15 Coffee/tea and fruit

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